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Welcome to the Funding Program!    Contact me today to learn more and secure business credit and funding for your business by using our Funding System.

The Funding System Includes

  • Lending Compliance
  • Business Fund ability
  • Credit Agencies
  • Vendor Credit Lines
  • Business Credit Cards
  • Funding Programs
  • One-on-One coaching with a financial advisor

 – Business Credit Asset Monitoring
– Experian – Ability to Update Your Experian Credit Results
– Dun & Bradstreet – Access DnB SelfMonitor Plan
– Equifax – Access Business Monitoring Plan

The Steps Process
Step 1: The Foundation
Step 2: Your Fundability
Step 3: Credit Agencies
Step 4: Selected Vendor Credit
Step 5: Selected Credit Cards
Step 6: Unsecured Business Financing

Tool Box
– Premier Credibility
– Weekly Coaching Webinars
– Helpful Links
– Funding Cheat sheets that list Funding program and additional details needed to qualify
– Start getting revolving store credit
– Quality for $10,000 limit credit through Discover, Visa, MasterCard and American Express in 6 months or less

– Business Credit Decoded
– Business Credit Reporting Agency Secrets Revealed
– Discover the Vast Amounts of Business Credit and Financing that is available for your business
– Discover the Vast Amounts of Business Credit the is available for your business

– 4 Big Reasons you Can’t Afford to Ignore
– 5 Essential Steps to obtaining business funding
– 6 Secret Steps Free Report
– 8 Vital Questions Free E Book
– 9 Devastating Mistakes eBook and many more topics

Why not start today. Our new funding program will help you secure money for yur business.

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With us you can build a business credit profile and score for your business that is completely separate from your personal credit file and no personal credit check.

There are many other benefits you can enjoy that come along with our iron-clad guarantee.100Satisfaction_small